Eddie Pacheco's Router Knob

This press-fit knob improves on the adjustability of a good router.

SHOP OWNER: Eddie Pacheco

    Here are some pictures of the router knob I designed for the Porter-Cable 97529 plunge router. It was just luck that someone posted a request on the WoodCentral messageboard for an improved knob. With this knob's larger diameter and more exposed grip area, it is now easier to get a grip and adjust the router's depth setting, in whichever orientation--hand-held or in a router table.
    I design tooling and equipment for use on our manufacturing floor. The aluminum knob shown here is the first one I had made, and it is unanodized. The remainder of the 12 that I ordered are black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum. I had the machining done by a local machine shop that is owned by a buddy of mine. The company's name is D & F Standler, Inc. and they are located in San Jose, CA. However, from the drawing I created, any shop could do it. Forrest Addy could knock it out in no time....
Close-up of Knob

    We have owned the 7529 router for about a year now, and Nancy (my SO) was having trouble adjusting the height using the standard knob. Her complaints would get worse whenever we had the router mounted in our router table. The micro-adjuster knob on the P.C. 97529 is about 1 1/4" in diameter and, since it is lower than the motor housing, it is difficult to get a full grip on while trying to adjust the height. This is especially apparent when the router is inverted and you are fighting the weight of the tool, or in standard usage when you are working against the spring tension of the machine.
Close-up of Knob

     The knob I designed, is taller, to clear the motor housing. It has a grip area diameter of 2" with eight facets along the circumference, and it is press fit onto the exsisting microadjusting knob. The new knob doesn't interfere with normal operation of the micro-adjust feature, and it is beveled on the bottom edge to allow unobstructed reading of the graduated collar. Nor does it obstruct access to the ON/OFF rocker switch.
    The only modification I needed to make on the router was to replace the #10-24 TORX head screw with a longer screw with a hex socket head.
     I've decided to make these knobs for anyone who wants one. I will include the longer screw that is needed, along with some instructions on how to press-fit the aluminum knob onto the original-equipment knob. The cost of the knob is $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping. To order one, e-mail me at phsteddi54@yahoo.com. Checks and money orders are accepted.

...Eddie Pacheco



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