Ken Kimura's Hall & Brown Bandsaw

Some TLC and new blade guides are all it took.

SHOP OWNER: Ken Kimura

    Here is a picture of the 30" Hall & Brown WWM Co. bandsaw No. 144 that has been the source of several questions on the WoodCentral message board. The wheels are 30" diameter cast with shaft diameter of 1 1/4". The wheel face is just over 1-3/4 inches. The shaft is housed in journals filled with babbitt. The post is 1" square fitted in a square slot lined with babbitt and the table tilts on a trunnion sitting on babbitt ways. There is 18" under the guide to the table top. The motor is a 2 hp Wagner Electric repulsion-induction. The main table is 27 1/2 x 29 inches.
     I've done minor modifications since getting the saw. I've added bronze thrust washers to the top wheel to put it in the same plane as the bottom wheel. I added Carter CP20 guides. Note the lower guide is mounted within an 1-1/2" of the table. I also increased the motor shaft pulley from 3" to 6" giving me a blade speed of just over 5,000 sfpm. The blade is a 1" wide, 2-tpi Timberwolf, 197" or 16-1/2 feet.     I have not found any information about Hall & Brown. Someone from St. Louis said he could find no company by that name listed in the St. Louis directory. I got the saw for $800 and I've put $350 into guides, blade, pulley, thrust washers and miscellaneous screws and parts.
     There is still work to do, however, the saw is serviceable. I'm working on blade guards at the moment.

...Ken Kimura



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