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One good cabinet leads to another, and another...

SHOP OWNER: Bob Berner
LOCATION: Allentown, PA

    It all started out as a leaky faucet on a wall sink. I couldn't get at the packing or washers to stop the drip and it was not cost-effective to replace just the faucet--well over $100 for a faucet to fit the sink. My wife decided it was time for me to build my first cabinet.
    I wanted to make it look like a wash stand, which I think comes across fairly well. All the visible wood is red oak and the balance of the carcase is plywood. This was probably the quickest I have ever completed a project, about four weeks from rough lumber to the finished and installed piece. We got lucky and found the knobs, sink and faucet at a local home center that was going out of business.
Finished Case

    While I was building this cabinet I decided to build a cabinet to hang over the toilet. One can never have too much storage or too many clamps. I found a cabinet that I liked in one of Norm Abram's books.
    Not content to stop there, we decided that the existing medicine cabinet had to go. I made another cabinet--a simple oak frame with mirror--and I am working on two wall lamps to replace the fluorescent bulbs on either side of the mirror. The lamps were inspired by a lamp made by our esteemed host Ellis (thanks for the idea). I hope to finish up the lamps and install them within the next month. I'll send another picture when everything is completed.

. . . Bob Berner




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