Doug Recko's Cherry Hutch

Problem solved.

SHOP OWNER: Doug Recko

    I'm a woodworking hobbyist who usually builds projects from plans. (I've built a few of Norm's and also some from Woodsmith and Fine Woodworking.) But this hutch was built without any plans.
    We have a space between our stove and backdoor (35 in. wide) and my wife wanted more storage and also some countertop space. I think this solved both problems nicely.
Hutch With Doors Open

     The hutch is made from solid cherry--execept for the drawer sides, the back, and the shelves in the lower unit. I attached the upper unit to the lower unit with a sliding dovetail joint from the back. I also did a sliding dovetail on the lower shelf of the upper unit, and the sides are attached with a sliding dovetail in the top. Maybe it was overkill but I wanted some mechanical strength to hold the upper piece together and firmly attached to the base.
    The glass doors are true divided light (I should know, there were 48 stops I had to make!!!) Also the shelves in the upper and lower cabinets are adjustable with nice shelf pins. The drawer is dovetailed on all four sides. The hutch is finished with Watco Danish Oil followed by three coats of poly.
    The best part is that the lumber cost only about $300. I've seen a similar hutch advertised for $2700!!!

. . . Doug Recko




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