Jeff Chaplin's Four-Poster

An oak and walnut four-poster that's solid as a rock

SHOP OWNER: Jeff Chaplin
LOCATION: Broken Arrow, OK

    I built this queen size bed for my two daughters as a Christmas present this year. The design is my own interpretation of my two favorite furniture styles, Mission and Shaker.

     The bed frame is constructed of red oak. The headboard and footboard are glued-up assemblies, with pinned mortise-and- tenon joints. The posts were glued up from two pieces of 8/4 stock, then bandsawn and finally run across the jointer to smooth up the cuts. All other oak frame pieces are 8/4 stock. The long rails are mortise-and-tenoned to the post and secured with bed bolts, and the "tester," or canopy, rails are 4/4 red oak ripped to 1 1/2 in. wide.

    The box spring and mattress are supported by 1x6 pine planks running across the width of the bed. The ends of the 5 planks are bolted to 1 1/2 steel angle running the inside length of the long rails. Bolting them added to the rigidity of the bed and keeps it absolutely square and prevents the frame from racking should you want to move the furniture around (as my wife frequently does!) The bed is incredibly sturdy and jumping on by young children is not a problem.

Half-Lapped Slats      Finally, the vertical slats are 4/4 black walnut screwed, glued, and plugged with maple plugs. The middle slat is a piece of white oak with a walnut inlay. The slats are half-lapped at each end and fit snugly between the horizontal rails. I prefinished them before assembling them to the bed. The whole bed received five coats of water-based polyurethane. And, $450 and 75 hours later you see the results...

Jeff Chaplin




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