Danny Bingham's Elk Box

A marquetry tribute to the mighty elk.

SHOP OWNER: Danny Bingham
LOCATION: Mackinaw, IL

    About six months ago, I made a tool box for myself with inlaid stars and my initials on the panel. A friend saw it and asked me to build something similar for her husband, so he could use it to store his magazines.
Bugling Elk

     My friend's husband is an active member of the local Rocky Mountain Elk Federation, so I incorporated inlays of elk silhouettes throughout the box. I inlaid a bugling elk under the top of the box and elk tracks across the back of the star panel above.
    For the star panel itself, I made four 16-point stars of walnut and curly maple, and inlaid them into a mahogany background. The edge and bands are curly maple with walnut edging. The diamond is curly maple surrounded with walnut, and the date and initials are walnut. The substrate is quartersawn poplar. The drawer bottoms have inlays of an elk track, a cow and calf elk, two bull elk fighting, and a lone bull elk.
Inlaid Drawer Bottoms

    The dark wood in all the inlays is walnut and the lighter wood is curly maple or birch veneer. The finish for the inlays is orange shellac, boiled linseed oil and a coat of dark wax. The box itself is finished with polyurethane.

. . . Danny Bingham




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