David Frame's Bedside Table

    ... and a new life for old knobs

SHOP OWNER: David Frame
LOCATION: Metairie, LA

     I built two night tables for a Christmas present for my wife. It's not like we didn't need them. I made them of Honduran mahogany with maple drawers. The knobs were two of twelve that I got from an antique Singer sewing machine that someone was throwing away. Looking back, I should have taken the whole machine for other parts.
Salvaged Singer Knob

     I'm from Metairie, LA just five minutes from New Orleans. I've been living here most of my life. I lived in Lafayette, LA for nine years and Lake Arthur, LA for three. What brought me back to New Orleans was a job with Schlumberger, a worldwide oilfield company. After 19 years in the oil industry, I was in a bad accident, and I've been disabled for the last five years.
    I started working wood when I was 15; I was 42 on March 29th. I've been woodworking for 27 years and my skills are getting better and better, but I always have something new to learn from someone else, or even from a book.
     Luckily, I'm still able to do some woodwork alone. The small work I can handle myself; my 18 year old son helps me with the larger work. How's that for a history?

. . . David L. Frame, Jr.




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