Mike Callihan's Dream Shop

Building the shop of a lifetime

SHOP OWNER: Mike Callihan
LOCATION: Asheville, NC

    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Here is a long-lost update from Mike Callihan. Our overwrought production department somehow never got around to editing and uploading it back in November when we received it.]

    The most frustrating part of trying to build something long-distance is not being there to work out the many details and not being able to see the day-to-day progress.
North End View

    When my wife, Christine and I returned to the shop site in Asheville, NC, from our home in Milwaukee, I was most pleased with the progress my two friend Gary and Dennis had made getting the metal on the building. While I want the care free maintenance metal offers, I did not want it to look like a typical metal utility building. Gary has paid a lot of attention to the details of the building's trim. I think it looks good. The crowning touch will be a couple of cupolas, a detail I still have to work out. I think they will have to wait until after I move my shop to NC.

    Some of the details are coming together. We now have a septic system to service the workshop and eventually the house. We have a new well, looking for water on top of a mountain is an adventure that can cause severe damage to your pocket book. We were pleased with a 10 gallon per minute well that came in at only 425 feet.
    My intention is to do most the wiring myself Thanksgiving week. While I know a fair amount about the basics, I have been scrambling learn more details about wiring a building to code. There are a lot of details that are not necessarily apparent.

. . . Mike Callihan

Mike Callihan's Dream Shop
Mike Callihan's Dream Shop




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