Virgil Johnson's Clock

Special boards put their best faces forward.

SHOP OWNER: Virgil Johnson
LOCATION: Versailles, KY

    Here is my version of a clock that I first saw at a Kentucky Woodworkers Association exhibit in 1991. The original, which I sketched and shamelessly copied when I got the time, was made by Jeff Stringer. Jeff was our club president at the time. I always enjoyed sitting with our exhibits because I could sketch the pieces that I liked in my idle time while no one was viewing the exhibit.
Virgil Makes Shavings

    I've built a total of nine clocks of this design over the years, six of them last summer. (That's me with the Stanley #80 scraping last summer's batch.) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Nice hat!. Click here to own one just like it!] I traded the first clock I made for an osage orange vessel the next year at the exhibit.
    The dimensions are approx. 7 W x 15 H x 4 D. I use the most figured piece I can find for the face. This allows each clock to have a unique "personality." The cases are dovetailed and the face is a raised panel let into a groove in the case sides.

. . . Virgil Johnson




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