...and a router table to go with it!

SHOP OWNER: Jerry Hydle
LOCATION: San Diego County, CA

    About 11 years ago, as I was about to become a grandfather for the first time, I saw plans I liked for a baby cradle in Woodsmith magazine. I liked the knockdown design for shipping.
    The problem was that the plans called for frame-and-panel ends to be cut on the table saw. I only had a Shopsmith, which has a tilting table instead of a tilting arbor. The process of cutting panels with a curved end on the Shopsmith just didn't seem safe to me.
    Then while at my local tool store one day, I saw a set of frame-and-panel router bits at a reasonable price, so I bought them. But I didn't have a router with a -in. collet at the time, so I bought a Makita 3 HP plunge router to go with the bits.

Router table    Then I found that I needed a router table in order to use my new router and bits. At that point, I couldn't afford to buy anything else, so I built the router table myself, as shown in the photo. I've used it for many projects since then.

    Anyhow, I finally finished the cradle, and it was a big hit. My son was offered $800 for it 4 years later when he was preparing to move from Maine to Florida; but he kept it. Now, my granddaughter plans to use it for her children when she gets married someday. I guess you could call that cradle an heirloom.

...Jerry Hydle




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