Frank Grambo's China Cabinet

The End Result Is In The Finish

SHOP OWNER: Frank Grambo
LOCATION: Forest Hill, MD

    As a remodeling contractor, I'm occasionally asked to do a piece to match existing furniture. I made this two-piece china closet to match a Statton cherry dining table and server.
     This project was made from purchased plans. The case is solid cherry, with poplar as the secondary wood and for the drawer sides. I purchased the knobs and hardware from the manufacturer of the other pieces in the dining room.
Detail of Drawer
    The make-or-break factor on most projects is the finish. I stained this piece with a blend of 2/3 Brown Mahogany and 1/3 Pennsylvania Cherry and topped it off with several coats of Bartley Clear Satin. I rubbed the finish with OOOO steel wool, with a sprinkle of very fine pumice and a dribble of Murphy's oil soap all gently worked into the same pad.
    If I were doing this project again today, I would have done it a little differently. After staining the case, I would have sprayed on two coats of sanding sealer followed by 2-3 coats of Crystalac semi-gloss before using the steel wool, pumice and Murphy's oil soap. It might not be any better, but it would be faster.

. . . Frank Grambo




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