Finishing Secrets
Everything I Know About Finishing

     "Finishing Secrets" started as a series of individual articles in 1996 through '98 for publication in the newsletter of the North Florida Woodturners, and for my personal use for demonstrations on finishing turned wood.
    Since then, the original articles have been expanded to include additional information. New articles have been added, several have been published in other AAW Chapter Newsletters, two have been published in "American Woodturner" magazine (the journal of the American Association of Woodturners), and several are seen here for the first time. This will be a continuing process as new things become available and I have had the opportunity to use them.
     All of the finishes that are discussed and described in these articles are as I personally use them, and my preferences and opinions about the various finishes are the result of my experience with them. Others are free to disagree because their experiences may differ, but there is nothing in these articles that is copied from others.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Five Rules Of Sanding
  3. Bare Wood?
  4. Pens, Watches, and Small Personal Items
  5. A Deft® Finish Applied On The Lathe
  6. Tung Oil
  7. "Wipe-On" Varnishes and Oils
  8. Varnish Over Deft®?
  9. Shellac and the "French Polish"
  10. Friction Polishes
  11. Lacquer
  12. Coloring Wood Turnings with Aniline Dyes
  13. Addenda and FAQs
[EDITOR'S NOTE: Stay tuned for more of Russ's great turning-related articles. . . . Ellis Walentine, Host]


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