WoodCentral FAQs
  1. How do I register to use your forum?
  2. What are the forum rules?
  3. Can you elaborate on the "commercial posting" rule?
  4. How do I create a User Profile?
  5. What are all the WoodCentral messageboards about? What kinds of messages should I post on which boards?
  6. How do the messageboards work?
  7. How do I resize photos so they will be under the permissible limit for uploads?
  8. How can I upload multiple photos in messages?
  9. What is the Trivia messageboard all about?
  10. What is the "Box"?
  11. What is "Rule #32"?
  12. What about posting links in messages?
  13. What is the significance of the cherries () in front of some of the message titles?
  14. What does *NM* mean?
  15. When I post a message, the message title and my name show up with lots of hyphens and alphabet soup after them. What's going on?
  16. What are the photos in the lower frame when I sign on to the various messageboards?
  17. How do I upload photos with my messages?
  18. I notice that some messages contain multiple photos and/or text formatting? How do I do that?
  19. What are some of the other attractions here at WoodCentral?
  20. How do I submit an article or review for inclusion in your Articles & Reviews section?
  21. How do I submit a new Shop Shot? Do you accept all submissions?
  22. Is the chatroom open to everyone?
  23. How can I help you defray some of the costs of maintaining this website?