Q: What is the significance of the cherries () in front of some of the message titles?
A: Those cherries are "new message" notifications. Messages posted since the beginning, rather than the end, of your last visit are flagged as new, including your own messages from your last visit. The script considers a new visit to begin once you've been away from the board for at least thirty minutes, so if you return to the board before half an hour has elapsed, the cherries will not have updated. This may seem a bit confusing at first, but it's actually handy, as it makes it easier to spot new messages and responses to your messages. You need to have your browser set to accept cookies for this feature to work. No messages will appear as "new" on your first visit to the board, or on your first visit after deleting your cookie files. If you've visited the board several times, and the notices still aren't appearing, or aren't appearing correctly, you may just need to delete your cookie file and start from scratch.