America’s Top Shops Contest
When we launched this contest, we realized that not every shop could win one of our "Top Shops" awards, but that even the humblest shops may have plenty of features worthy of recognition; so, we added four awards for some of these "great ideas." It was tough to single out the best, but here are the ones that particularly caught our judges' attention. Each of them will receive a $100 Woodcraft Gift Certificate for their "great ideas." Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks for participating in our Top Shops contest.

# 813
Eric Rice
Rock Cave, WV

Eric's entry first commanded our attention with the striking "grain patterns" of his laminated board doors and drawer fronts, but when we dug deeper, we discovered some excellent functional ideas as well. The judges especially liked his assembly table, built at a comfortable working height with everything you might need for a glue-up right at hand.

CLICK HERE to view Eric's contest entry.

# 630
Steve King
Plano, TX

Steve wins one of our "great ideas" awards for his clever storage and deployment solutions: his cabinet with a pullout, swiveling grinder, the swing-down oscillating spindle sander, and his benchtop mounting system for his mortising machine, machinist's vise and any other accessories that need to be quickly anchored to the benchtop for use.

CLICK HERE to view Steve's contest entry.

# 712
Edwin Laetz
Westminster, MA

Edwin's shop has several good ideas that we were able to see from his entry, including his wall-mounted lathe cabinet and his tape storage solution utilizing PVC pipe for the shelves. Overall, we were impressed with the amount of organization and efficiency in a small space.

CLICK HERE to view Edwin's contest entry.

# 812
Jerome Laux
Blairsville, GA

We were impressed with Jerome's lathe station, which included a clever way to add ballast for stability and storage for tools. The focused task lighting and dust collection arrangement rounded out the lathe station. We also liked his well-thought-out sharpening station with the bench grinder and Tormek grinder conveniently located at a comfortable height.

CLICK HERE to view Jerome's contest entry.


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